Plax and the Law

| June 6th, 2009

Nobody like ESPN less than I do.  Nobody.  But credit goes where credit is due and Sal Paolantonio is the finest journalist they have on-staff.  (I think his How Football Explains America is the most informative and entertaining book written on the sport since George Plimpton’s Paper Lion.)  SalPal refrains from the network’s trademark controversy-mongering while showing a deft ability to capture the spirit of two of the nation’s more passionate sports regions: New York and Philadelphia.

SalPal breaks down Plax’s legal situation on their site and it’s the clearest assessment I’ve read.  Here’s the essential information: Plax is going to try and get a trial postponement until after the 2009 season and hope – in the meantime – that Roger Goodell does not impose a league suspension until after the case is decided.  It seems there will be something of a resolution by the 15th, when the case is heard by a Manhattan judge.  Plax is not a repeat offender of the conduct policy so I can’t imagine Goodell hammering him with an eight-game suspension if he’s not convicted prior to the season.

The Bears, Jets and Bucs are believed to be interested in his services and…(wiping tears from my eyes)…I would think our stability at the quarterback position would make us the most desirable destination.  Chicago is no longer where receivers go to die, but instead where receivers go to catch Jay Cutler missiles.  With the cap room and roster need, the Bears should be embarrassed if the giraffe makes someone else a contender.