Practice at Noon Today

| August 3rd, 2009

I’m just going to keep rolling out this format for the start of camp.  I like it.

If you’re not on Twitter…

You probably have a life off the computer and I’m slowly becoming jealous.  However, I’ve got a stream of updates from Brad Biggs, David Haugh and ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson all day long.  It is the absolute best way to get a sense of the mood in Bourbonnais (outside of attending yourself). This one just came through from Dickerson:

Just saw my first waddle jersey of camp. Football season has truly begun.

The Duke of Earl

David Haugh’s column on the rapport between Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett is a bit inspiring.  Describing an improvised route, wherein the Duke faked Vasher out of his jock:

“It was the first time I ran that route, and we just called up a normal play and he gave me a pump on that and all I had to do was turn up and catch it,” Bennett said. “It’s a great route and I hope we put it in the game plan.”

I know better than to wholeheatedly buy every piece of positivity available from camp.  But currently I’m wholeheartedly buying every piece of positiviely available from camp.  Bennett needs to be a reliable five catch-a-game receiver and a threat on third downs.  He seems to be capable of just that.