Projecting The Roster: Defense

| August 25th, 2009

You know why I love this site and you guys?  Because yesterday we argued the merits of carrying either a second fullback (Jason Davis) or a fullback/tight end hybrid (Michael Gaines).  Let’s see what we can cook up today. Again, we’re assuming the Bears repeat the 25/25 breakdown of 2008.

DEFENSIVE LINE (Last year: 9)
This year: Tommie, Adams, Izzy, Harrison, Ogunleye, Brown, Anderson, Gilbert, Melton
Note: I know the consensus thought is the Bears will take Matt Toeaina after Dusty Dvoracek confirms that he’s not going to play this season.  I just have the feeling that Jerry and Lovie will have a hard time letting Henry Melton go.  Matt Toeaina spent time on the practice squad a year ago without being picked up by another franchise and I think the Bears will be willing to take that chance again.

LINEBACKER (Last year: 6) 
This year: Urlacher, Briggs, Tinoisamoa, Jamar, Hunter, Roach
Note: There’s very little drama at this position but a shitload of depth.  We haven’t heard from Nick Roach – due to a concussion – but most reports indicate he’ll be back on the field soon.  The player I loved watching Saturday night was Mike Rivera, a rookie from Mark Mangino’s Kansas program.  I’ll be rooting for him to finish the summer strong and hoping he lands on the practice squad.

SAFETY (Last year: 5)
This year: Payne, Manning, Afalava, Steltz, Bullocks
Note: I don’t like making this list without Mike Brown’s name.

CORNERBACK (Last year: 5)
This year: Peanut, Bowman, Graham, Vasher, McBride
Note: You may remember these five names from last year’s 53 man roster.  Is that a good thing?  Only if we get the pass rush…..