Pussies are a Good Thing

| July 30th, 2009

I had two thoughts last night as I sat down for a long shower.  (1) What do I really think about this whole Bobby Wade-says-Urlacher-called-Cutler-a-pussy thing?  (2) When’s Steve Rosenbloom going to realize that nobody cares about baseball anymore?  Rosenbloom makes his 2009 NFL season debut this morning and does so with the most interesting and lucid commentary I’ve read on the situation. 

Rosenbloom thinks the whole thing is great and so do I.  That’s where we sorrowfully part.  Steve’s contention seems to be that it’s important for Brian Urlacher to establish locker room dominance before Cutler becomes Cade McNown redux. Suddenly the Halls of Halas are a Discovery Channel documentary about lions in the Serengeti.

I contend that, on the eve of training camp, Cutler use this incident as an offensive rallying cry.  2009 can be a lot of things for the Chicago Bears but it should be the year where the leadership ceases to come from the middle linebacker position and from the defense in general.  I can already hear some fans crying “Sacrilege!  This is the Chicago Bears!  Middle linebackers run the show!  We’re all about defense!”  Fuck that.  Seriously.

The young talent of this Bears group is the pussy quarterback.  The running back.  The tight end.  The wide receiver.  The most accomplished veteran on the roster is the left tackle.  The heart and soul of the organization is still the center.  The defense?  Outside of Lance Briggs, Alex Brown and Israel Idonije – is there a player on that side of the ball that hasn’t underachieved in the last two seasons?  If Urlacher made the comments to Bobby Wade, perhaps it’s because he’s beginning to sense that his decade-long stranglehold on the locker room went the way of Mike Brown.

And on the eve of training camp, that’s what I’m hoping for.  A Chicago Bears team whose Pussy QB reminds one of the Punky QB and takes his club to the same destination.  His club.  #54 has had the pulpit and the sermon was a mixed bag.  Three trips to the postseason and two complete defensive meltdowns upon arrival.  Maybe it’s time for the balance of power to shift.  And if Brian and the boys want to re-take control of this team…they could start by playing better.