Rashied on the Bubble?

| August 20th, 2009

David Haugh basically summarizes a month worth of columns in today’s Trib.  And for the first time this summer, someone asks the question:

3 who missed opportunities
Rashied Davis, WR: He hasn’t stood out as much as Devin Aromashodu, Brandon Rideau or Bennett. How many wide receivers can the Bears keep?

I thought, coming off the first preseason game, that Rash was a lock to make this roster.  But considering the team’s four running backs and three quality tight ends, I’m wondering whether the Bears will carry what they carried in 2008: six receivers.

Since there’s no reason to speculate on roster decisions, let’s just say this: Rashied Davis needs to start making plays and needs to start Saturday night.  And I know I’m not in the minority when I say I’d be more-than-willing to move on.