Take the Win, Leave Town

| September 28th, 2009

Sometimes you have to put the notch in the win column, board the plane and go back to Chicago.  That’s what the Bears should do after yesterday’s painful victory over the Seattle Seahawks.  Some thoughts…

  • Ron Turner needs to understand, and understand now, that Jay Cutler is the offense’s best weapon and stop taking the ball out of his hands in big situations.  (Side note: I’m already taking the guy for granted and it’s only been three ballgames.)
  • Why are we asking Robbie Gould to kick fifty-three yarders on an opening drive?  Decisions like that remind me why I don’t care for Lovie Smith.
  • If we don’t get to the quarterback on a drop back, it’s a guaranteed first down.  The replay of Zack Bowman backtracking fifteen yards off Nate “Jerry Rice” Burleson tells that entire story. 
  • That was a lot of talking for 4 catches – 35 yards, Mr. Houshmandzadeh.
  • Is there a more live-by-the-sword-die-by-the-sword player than Peanut Tillman?  He could have prevented a touchdown by simply shoving Julius Jones out of bounds on the Hawk opening drive but went for the strip instead.  Then he strips TJ later in the game in a moment of brilliance.
  • They should show every play of Lance Briggs’ performance to kids who want to play linebacker.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Urlacher is the better athlete but Briggs is the better linebacker.
  • Rod Marinelli has improved the hell out of the pass rush but no player is more improved on the defensive line than Anthony Adams.  Adams struggled to make the active roster throughout 2008 but now has become the anchor of the defensive line.
  • I owe Devin Hester a rather huge apology.  I have been very critical of not only his football acumen but his human intelligence and that’s simply not fair.  When we look at the stat sheet come the end of the season, Hester is going to look an awful lot like one of those number one receivers you see on the television set.
  • Sometimes Chris Williams looks like he’ll be the Bears starting left tackle for a decade and sometimes he looks like a rookie.  I guess dems da breaks.
  • I know Chicago is in love with Johnny Knox but why isn’t Danieal Manning returning kickoffs?  Manning, when healthy, is capable of changing games back there.
  • New rule for the opposition: you can not kick field goals against the Chicago Bears.