The All Fans Rodeo

| June 23rd, 2009

We’ll waste some midweek space by focusing on some fan-related points of interest around the club. 

Tickets On Sale July 25th
Vaughn McClure thinks “there is sure to be a mad rush” for tickets, as the Bears welcome their first franchise quarterback in…ever.  We here at DaBlog plan on being in attendance for the October 4th victory against the Detroit Lions and are hoping to be having some kind of festive occasion on the evening of the 3rd (most likely at Rossi’s on North State).  More on that as we get closer.

Shocker! Tailgating More Expensive
Dave Newbart has a Sun-Times story, detailing the steep price increase for regular folks trying to attend a football game in difficult economic times. 

A lot beneath McCormick Place Lakeside Center and another at 31st and
S. Moe Drive will cost $25, up from $17 last season. RV drivers must
pay $50, up from $34.

I’m not some kind of working man’s muckraker but I’ve got a space and I’d like to use it.  Municipalities are in financial disarray (along with everybody else) and it’s about damn time regular people stop being punished for the mistakes of the wealthy and powerful.  An $8 increase on $17 and a $16 increase on $34 is not “steep” – it is robbery.  It is theft.  I have no problem with inflation but inflation does not operate in 50% increments.  Some folks have no other means but the only way to show your disapproval is to leave the cars at home, carpool to games, use public transportation…etc. 

Training Camp Photos Wanted
If you’re headed to training camp in Bourbonnais this summer, please send us any photos or videos you might think will be of interest to fans.  We’ll be scouring the media world for any and all information throughout camp and if you’re attending, you can help.