The All Jay Cutler Rodeo

| June 22nd, 2009

Nothing going on around Halas Hall right now.  Absolutely zero.  Here’s some mindless crap, in case you’re bored.

Jay Likes Brandon
Jay Cutler sings the praises of Brandon Marshall during a visit to William & Mary, saying he could become one of the greatest to ever play the position.  We’ve outlined all the personality risks, contractual demands and required draft picks but if the Bears were to make a move for Marshall, it’d be incredibly difficult not to think this team becomes the favorite to reach the Super Bowl in the NFC.  Don’t count on it, however.  Jerry Angelo is a subscriber to the belief that the quarterback makes the receivers.  (I’m assuming he started believing this in March.)

I like Jay
I wish the work in the Daily Herald were better, as Bob Legere would be a welcome addition to the Sun-Times v. Tribune “battle”.  LeGere does have a quote in his OTA wrap-up that warms my heart even more at the thought of Jay Cutler playing quarterback for this club:

“This is the time when we have to have everything going right,” Cutler
said, “and if it’s not, we have to get it corrected. That’s the first
time I think it’s happened to Devin like that, so he’s going to be
fine. It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen in games, but we just
have to try to limit it as much as possible.”