The Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field

| September 10th, 2009

I’m writing my Week One Bears pick on Thursday morning for two reasons.  (1) I’m too damn excited to wait and (2) I’ll be nowhere near a computer for the next twenty-four hours.  So, without further adieu…

those fellas from Wisconsin

Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • The Packers will score in this game – most likely early.  But Jay Cutler and the offense will respond quickly, allowing the defense to play the final three quarters without the pressure of the last three years.  It’ll ignite the pass rush and lead to a big turnover or two in Packers’ territory.
  • Brad Maynard has been quietly kicking the hell out of the ball all preseason long.  He pins the Packers inside the ten yard-line multiple times Sunday night.  On the other sideline, Mike McCarthy decides to kick away from Devin Hester and leaves us with too many short fields.
  • Something about primetime football inspires Alex Brown, who made the two biggest plays of the 2008 season in the evening hours.  He’s my favorite player on that side of the ball and I foresee mentioning that anyone who’ll listen at Josie Woods around 10:49 PM.
  • The Packers’ corners are skilled but who is going to cover “Jersey” Greg Olsen?  If they commit a safety to him (Bigby or Collins), look out for big Matt Forte rush totals.  If they don’t, look for big totals from “Jersey” Greg Olsen.
  • And yes, we know Forte is a better football player than Ryan Grant.  But
    for the first time in nearly a decade the Bears may have a superior
    offensive line.  The high-flying Chicago Bears take a lead into the
    fourth quarter and the boys up front put it away.

Chicago Bears 34, Green Bay Packers 24