The Move is Shanahan. The Time is Now.

| December 21st, 2009

From Monday’s Peter King:

“The Bears (21-26 since Super Bowl Sunday 2007, with no playoff wins)
have been an abominable disappointment this season, and they lost their
eighth game in the past 10 Sunday at Baltimore.” King writes. “The Jay
Cutler trade, an abject failure. The offense, pathetic. Does it make
sense to clean house, or just to fire the offensive staff? Something
will be done, and watch Shanahan. He won’t make any commitment until he
knows which way the wind is blowing in Chicago — unless he absolutely
has to. Meaning that he’ll keep his options open until given an
ultimatum by a team.”

I will continue to repeat that Mike Shanahan is THE choice as the next head coach of the Chicago Bears.  If this organization is truly interested in moving forward, and moving forward big a big time leader, they must not allow Shanny to choose Washington without another offer being on the table.  The offer must be from the Chicago Bears.