The Peanut Aftermath

| July 29th, 2009

First, two links:

1. David Haugh doesn’t think the Bears need to go the retread route.  He’s possibly right, especially in terms of the Mike McKenzies and Patrick Surtains of the world.  The one player of interest might be former-Raven Chris McAlister – still a free agent.  Then again, why would a capable cornerback still be on the open market on the cusp of training camp?

2. Rick Telander, always a source of cheerfulness, writes about the wear and tear on Peanut’s body after six over-achieving seasons in the NFL.  I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the Nut, ever since his movie reviews appeared Da Site during his rookie campaign.  Tillman is capable of the brilliant (see: Randy Moss, endzone) and the disaster (see: Bernard Berrian, left sideline) and often both on the same play.  But I’ll miss the day 33 is not starting at corner for the Bears.

Ah, the commentary:

Nathan Vasher now becomes the defense’s most attention-worthy player in training camp.  Don’t worry about the pending battle between Tru McBride, Corey Graham, Zack Bowman and D.J. Moore that will surely take up newspaper space for the next two weeks.  The difference there will be negligible.  If Ballhawk can return to his 2005, 2006 form, then the defensive backfield will withstand the hopefully-short absense of Peanut.  But Nate hasn’t played more than half a season in two years and hasn’t tackled well when he has played.  So with inexperience at both safety spots and the opposite corner, expecting The Great Nate Reversion of 2009 may have fool’s gold written all over it.

In other words…get well soon, Peanut.