Three for Tuesday

| August 4th, 2009

Okay, guys, so it is done.  If you look at the right side of the screen (and scroll down a bit), you’ll see the constant updates from the writers covering camp, some players and correspondance to them from fans.  It’s actually pretty cool.

Cedric Benson Still Hasn’t Learned
I don’t care if Cedric Benson believes the Bears made a mistake in releasing him. (They didn’t)  I don’t care if Cedric Benson believes he’s better than Matt Forte. (He’s not)  I don’t care if Cedric Benson believes the Holocaust didn’t happen. (It did)  What I don’t understand is why Benson insists on never shutting his goddamn mouth.  He had a halfway decent season for a crap team against awful defenses and now he’s delivering his Hall of Fame speech to Brad Biggs.  Great athletes don’t have to remind you of their accomplishments and Benson’s reminders – beginning with his embarrassing draft day tear fest – are what led to the player resentment and fan disdain that chased him from Chicago in the first place. 

Tillman Injury…Good Thing?
Throwing a bone to Bob LeGere at the Daily Herald, who is reiterating what everyone seems to be saying: Zack Bowman is the standout of Bears training camp.  One has to wonder if Bowman would be receiving anywhere near the number of reps he’s getting if Peanut wasn’t out with a balky back.  Is it possible that the 2009 Chicago Bears are using injuries to their advantage?

Orlando Pace
Another good piece by Brad Biggs in the Sun-Times.  If you’re not rooting for Pace to succeed in Chicago this season, you’re not a sports fan.