Three Mid-Week Thoughts

| October 21st, 2009

The Bears Must Win Sunday
There are always games that a team must win during the course of a season but usually those are games where they’re heavily favored.  The Bears had to beat the Seahawks and Lions if they had their sights set on a division title.  They had to beat Pittsburgh if they wanted to excommunicate the Week One taste from their mouths.  Sunday the Bears will be underdogs against the division-leading Bengals and the Bears must win the game.  Hovering around the .500 mark leads to November scoreboard watching.  The Bears are as good – if not better – than every team in the NFC wildcard race and 5-2 after seven (I’m giving them the Browns) will put them in the pole position.

Devin Hester on Kick Returns?
The emergence of Johnny Knox should be enough for the Bears to move Devin Hester back to return kicks.  Hester can still make an occasional impact on the offensive side but I just miss the way Hester forced opponents to alter their game plans on a weekly basis.  Knox and Manning, while good, can never match the phenomenon that was the Skunk.  Dress Aromashodu and let JC begin developing that relationship so we don’t have the same training camp debates in 2010.

T-Shirt Update
The shirt is ready and we’re just finalizing the process of how to do the payment stuff.  They’re going to cost like $15 bucks a piece but we’ll cut you a deal if you order more than one.  The shirt is fun as hell and it’s good for kids, adults, everybody. (I’m quite the salesman.)  We should get everything sorted out by the end of the week.  Apologies for the delay.