Three Quick Thoughts

| September 11th, 2009

I don’t think I’ve ever been this juiced for the start of a Chicago Bears season.  After taking a day sabbatical from the sports world, I am back with a couple thoughts.

(1) I fully expect Charles Tillman to start Sunday night and so does Lovie Smith.  Tillman is the team’s most reliable corner and the Bears need his tackling on the outside.  As crazy as it is to consider, division games mean the world come season-ending tiebreakers and the Bears should risk losing Tillman for the rest of September to beat the Packers.

(2) If Danieal Manning isn’t healthy enough to start on Sunday, I assume he won’t be returning kicks.  If I’m the Bears – and I’m not – I’m either activating Jackass or allowing Devin Hester to return kickoffs.  Garrett Wolfe reminds me of Autry Denson back there and Denson’s fumble in the 2001 playoffs is one of my saddest moments as a Bears fan.

(3) Bob LeGere wonders if the Bears will seek vengeance for last season’s debacle at Lambeau Field.  I’ve been wondering the same thing for a couple days.  They were routinely embarrassed by Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant and mailed the game in offensively.  I think winning/losing can be directly tied to one statistic: sacks.  If the Bears get Rodgers down three times, they win.