Till-Bow Baggins

| August 18th, 2009

Buried in a day where the Minnesota Vikings have stolen the headlines was some pretty substantial, if predictable news from Brad Biggs.  It appears Lovie Smith & Co. have settled on Peanut Tillman and Zack Bowman as their starting corners. 

“[Tillman and Bowman] don’t have to come out here and prove to us
that they can play,” Smith said. “So we’ll just do what we need to do.
Everything we do in general is to set up our play for [Green Bay].
Yeah, we would like to have them out here practicing, but as long as we
can get them back around in time, we’ll be OK.”

Asked if he was endorsing Bowman as a starter on the spot, Smith continued.

“I speak of Bowman based on what he’s done since [offseason team
activities], and he’s played as well as any of the defensive backs.
That’s how I am looking at it.”

Lovie Smith knows what we all know.  He knows Nate Vasher is finished as a top tier defensive player.  He knows Truman McBride is nothing but a respectable backup.  And he knows that D.J. Moore and Woodny Turenne are D.J. Moore and Woodny Turenne.  So now the issue for the Chicago Bears is not finding their starting corners.  It’s getting their starting corners healthy.