Tuesday Night Rodeo

| September 1st, 2009

Bears Receivers Bracing For Worst
Unless something bizarre happens on Thursday night against the Browns, I think the Bears are pretty set with their receiving corps and my final guess is that Brandon Rideau will be the odd man out.  I think the club keeps six on the roster.  Hester and Bennett are the starters.  Iglesias and Knox are the rookies.  Davis is the special teams ace.  Aromashodu has developed a clear rapport with Cutler.  That leaves Rideau, a player the Bears might be able to convince to re-join the club on the practice squad with promises of future playing time.  I reiterate my past point by saying that I’d cut Iglesias over Rideau.  But I don’t see it.

Playing Time Thursday Night
Good news: Zack Bowman and Danieal Manning are set to see some exhibition action against Cleveland – essential for half the starting defensive backfield.

Bad news: For some inane reason, Lovie Smith believes playing other starters is warranted.  If Jay Cutler or Matt Forte or Greg Olsen or Devin Hester or a linebacker or a defensive end or ANY STARTER leave the field with an injury under these – the most meaningless football circumstances possible – I will quit my career to launch a full-time letter writing campaign to get Smith fired.