Updating Camp Battles

| August 5th, 2009

After nearly a week of practices, let’s take a look at the camp battles of note.

Over.  Devin Hester and Earl Bennett are going to be the starting wideouts in Green Bay on the 13th.  The question is who of the remainder (Davis, Iglesias, Knox, Rideau) will win the job in the slot.

I thought Frank Omiyale would run away with this but all evidence is pointing toward Josh Beekman as the early leader.  I’d like to see this position settled as soon as possible because the more time this unit can play together before the season starts, the better.  The good news is, of course, the Bears have all-important depth along the offensive line.

Will Peanut be healthy?  Will Vasher continue to be awful?  Will Bowman’s hamstring injury linger?  With Tru or Graham or D.J.Moore establish themselves at the position?  Cornerback has quickly become the position to watch throughout the preseason.

Steltz v. Manning won’t remind anyone of Ali v. Frazier or Brown v. Board of Education but it’s the absolute defensive key to big play prevention.  This coaching staff has always been in love with Danieal and I think it’ll be an uphill climb for Craig to start in any major capacity.