Wale Extension? Not So Fast My Friends.

| May 29th, 2009

Note: My best to ESPN College Football analyst Lee Corso, who suffered a minor stroke a few days ago.  College Gameday is – without question – the best studio show in all of sports and Corso is a major reason why.  I extend my selfish hope for a speedy recovery so that I can see Lee throw on that oversize Gator head in front of the Seminole faithful, drawing the boos you just know he adores.

With the Bears announcing a two-year extension for Israel “Don’t Call me Palestine” Idonije, Anquan Boldin’s former agent Drew Rosenhaus is hoping to parlay the thrifty negotiation into a deal for Adewale Ogunleye. 

“Israel is very excited about continuing his career in Chicago,”
Rosenhaus wrote. “It was a smooth negotiation with the Bears and
hopefully we can have the same type of success with Israel’s teammate, Adewale Ogunleye.”

Jerry Angelo should not touch Wale’s contract.  The Prince – while being a favorite person and player of mine – has underperformed an already-lucrative contract.  He has struggled against elite offensive tackles, watched his sack totals nosedive and disappeared on the pivotal third-and-longs that haunted the 2008 Chicago Bears.  Wale – to his unsurprising credit – agrees he might not be a priority for the club:

“I’m in agreement with Jerry,” Ogunleye said
Tuesday. “Last year, we gave out a lot of extensions and a lot of
contracts to guys, and we didn’t win. So you can’t expect that to
happen two years in a row.

“I’m not going to stress it out. I know what I bring to the table.
What I’m going to do is go out there and have the best year I can have.
Maybe then hopefully before the season is over, we’ll get something
done. Or maybe when the season’s over. But I would love to be in
Chicago, finish my career here.’

Let Adewale Ogunleye join the club that includes Lovie Smith, Ron Turner and Brian Urlacher – individuals whose futures on Lakeshore Drive will be determined by the 2009 season.  If Ogunleye returns to his 2005 double-digit sack form, then reward him with a contract that will allow his career to end in Chicago.

If not, nice guy or otherwise, move on.