Why I’m Rooting For Favre To Return

| July 4th, 2009

As training camp peeks its head around the bend, the Vikings are preparing to welcome a new master of ceremonies to the Minnesota circus.  And it hasn’t take long for players to voice their displeasure with the move:

Previously, there have been a few indications that some were hesistant
to welcome Favre with open arms.  Defensive end Ray Edwards has said
that Favre will have to drop the “prima donna act,” and linebacker Chad Greenway has questioned “where [Favre’s] loyalties lie.”

A disloyal prima donna is exactly what the Vikings know they are getting.  A disloyal prima donna with a vendetta against a former exployer, serious injury concerns, a penchant for breaking down and one of the world’s worst dome records is what the Vikings must be ignoring. 

Here are my real questions.  What happens if the Vikings open 1-3 and Favre looks awful?  Do they bench him for Tarvaris Jackson?  Does Favre stand on the sideline for three months?  By signing him, are they forced to ride the horse until the horse can’t ride?

If you’re one of these people that thinks Favre coming to Minnesota makes them better, I beg you to stop thinking about the Favre of five years ago.  The Favre who never lost in Soldier Field.  The Favre who seemed to find ways to win every game late.  The dog no longer hunts.  This Favre is a mediocre player with the capacity to tear apart an organization from the inside. 

And when it’s the organization we’re chasing for a division title, that sounds good to me.