“You’re Messing With the Franchise”

| August 30th, 2009

1. Jay Cutler is a special talent and I hope that stadium realized tonight what their organization has given away for Kyle Orton and unknown college guys.  For the past decade, third and longs meant punts.  Not anymore.  I’m sticking with Cris Collinsworth and Mr. Cutler’s nickname is now Franchise.

2. Orlando Pace and Chris Williams started slowly but their play seemed to tighten up, specifically CW.  Cutler’s scrambling ability will cover a lot of that up.

3. Forte, Olsen, Clark, Bennett, Hester….pick which one you wanna be excited about.  I’m excited about all of them.

4. Absolutely loved the ability to pound the ball into the endzone with the interior run game.  That’s old school stuff right there.

5. Wonderful two-minute drill.  No reason to play any of the starters on offense in the second half.

1. Payne and Pisa are the real deal.

2. Any time that Nathan Vasher and Tru McBride are on the field, the other team is a post pattern away from scoring six points.  That’s how bad these two guys are.

3. Seriously, Rod Marinelli?  Are you really this good at coaching defensive linemen?  How is that possible?  These guys look ten years younger to a man.

4. If I’m Lovie Smith, I shut down Tommie Harris for the next two weeks.  He needs all the rest he can get on that knee.  I’m very critical of Harris but I respect the man’s guts.

Special Teams 
1. Awesome.

2. Rashied Davis tackled on specials like he knows he needs to tackle on specials to make the roster.  If that’s really the case, he’s making the roster.