A Time for the Bears to Kill

| December 3rd, 2010

I had a few thoughts last night when asked by a bartender how good I think the Chicago Bears are.  I spooned some potato and leek soup into my mouth, sipped an ice cold club soda and tried to put into perspective this bizarre season.  Exciting start, terrible four-game stretch, bye, the emergence of an accomplished football team…etc.  I came to a conclusion: the Bears need to start playing like an NFL powerhouse.

That starts Sunday.  In Detroit.  Against the 2-9 Lions.  This season feels like it has been leading up to this ballgame.  A strange thought, I know, when you’re discussing eight wins against two wins.  But this should be the Sunday the Bears go to Caleb Hanie in the fourth quarter. This should be the Sunday Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs laugh on the sidelines as Brian Iwuh sacks Drew Stanton late.  
“It has been a long time and just to feel the atmosphere of what it’s like to go through that playoff week again, and not only that but to have the opportunity to have it here in Chicago, I think it’s huge,” Briggs said. “I think that’s really what we’re fighting for is to make everyone come to Chicago and make the Super Bowl come through here.”

Having a trip to the Super Bowl come through Chicago should be the goal now.  Forget about the minor desires of making the postseason and saving the coach’s job.  The Bears have to re-calibrate the expectations of the 2010 machine.  They are in prime position to not only win the NFC North but end the 2010 season with one of the top two records in the conference.  A great team, even a very good team, does not let an opportunity like that slide by on Sunday in Detroit.  A great team handles their business with the delicacy and precision of a world-class assassin.  

Sunday we’ll find out how this team handles success.  We’ll find out if this team possesses the killer’s instinct.  They can win without it, sure.  But can they be champions?  Doubtful. 

Site Note: Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the contest to win a single (1) seat to the Bears vs. Pats game next Sunday, December 12th.  You’ll be seated with me and Noah.  You’ll be responsible for some beers – deal with it.