Audibles From the Long Snapper

| January 21st, 2010

Bears Interviewing Chud
Rob Chudzinski is an old school football guy.  He won national championships as a player at Miami and has developed a reputation as one of the leading tight end coaches in the league.  It makes sense that the Bears are interested in hiring him, especially because that last name belongs on the Bears sideline.  What I like about Chud is that he’ll have no problems dealing with a talented yet temperamental quarterback.  Because nobody is more talented or more temperamental than Phil Rivers.

Forte Surgery

So now Matt Forte is having secret surgery.  Here’s my thing.  I don’t go for the playing through injuries approach if you’re hurting the club and clearly 2009 Matt Forte was a shell of 2008 Matt Forte.  If the reason was injury then this organization is more lost than I originally thought.

Gannon: Hire Hackett
Rich Gannon thinks the Bears should hire Paul Hackett as their next offensive coordinator.  If the Bears are even considering this, I’m not watching a game next season.  Hackett sucks.  Seriously sucks.  And Gannon needs to realize that there is meaningful football played outside of Oakland, California.