Audibles From the Long Snapper

| January 28th, 2010

Brandon Marshall: Out in Denver?
BM is in great shape and preparing for this weekend’s Pro Bowl to be the last game he plays in a Denver Broncos’ helmet.  Marshall will be trade bait come early March and should fetch a sum that includes a number one draft pick.  While we’d all love to see the Bears get involved, there may just be too many competitive teams with a number one (Baltimore, Miami) for it to happen.  That begs the question: do the Bears have anybody on the roster that might interest Denver?

Jeremy Bates Salutes Jay
Vaughn McClure has some interesting and inspiring quotes from Jeremy Bates on Jay Cutler.  But the part that interested me is the conclusion:

Pressed about the
Bears’ situation, Bates refused to bite. He was scheduled to interview
in Chicago until agreeing to remain with Carroll.
“I’m not
going to get involved with what took place,” he said. “I’m really
excited about going to Seattle. Coach Carroll is a great coach, and he
put together a great staff. I’m excited about going to work in

What did take place?  I was under the assumption that Bates never met with the Bears regarding the position.  Are there gaps that have yet to be filled in?

Three Quick Things…
(1) Pisa Tinoisamoa is coming back to Chicago next season and that’s a good thing based on the flashes he showed early in the year.  (2) Olin Kreutz is having major surgery that will require a multi-month recovery.  I think it’s time to let that ship sail.  (3) Wanna know why the Bears can’t hire a coordinator.  Ask Neil Hayes:

“You’ve only got one year to get it right and sometimes it takes longer
than that,” said one longtime NFL assistant. What many perceived to be
a tough 2010 schedule may also be making candidates wary. Besides
playing the division-rival Vikings and Packers twice next season, the
Bears will also play the Eagles, Patriots, Jets and Seahawks at home
and the Cowboys, Giants, Dolphins and Panthers on the road.”