Audibles From the Long Snapper

| September 21st, 2010

Looks Like Omiyale at Left Tackle

From Brad Biggs’ column in the Tribune:

Smith seemed to slip Monday when he described it as a “significant hamstring” injury before catching himself and adding, “I mean one that would keep you out of the rest of the game.”

If Williams has a tear, he could be sidelined until midseason. If it’s a less serious pull, maybe he’ll miss a few games. Smith didn’t seem to think it would be easier for a lineman to return more quickly than a skill-position player who runs more. 

I’m not smart enough to know why the Bears blocked so much better after Chris Williams left the game with his hamstring injury.  But because of that, I’m just not sure how significant this injury is.  It certainly puts a lot of pressure on Kevin Shaffer, the inevitable starter at right tackle.

Bears Should Make Trade for Vincent Jackson
Rick Morrissey, in one of his better pieces in a long time, ponders the notion of re-thinking expectations for the 2010 season after the surprising 2-0 start. 
For those of us who thought the best thing for the franchise would have been a losing season and the departure of the head coach, we’re left to ponder the possibility of a playoff berth and of Lovie not having to put his home on the market.

The truth is this.  The 2-0 start should be the impetus that leads the Bears into making a deal for Vincent Jackson.  Jackson is the perfect Jay Cutler target – a bigger, better version of Earl Bennett.  If the Bears don’t pursue Jackson, and allow him to set up shop in Minneapolis, they may indirectly become responsible for reinvigorating a deflated Vikings franchise.  Giving up a second and third round draft choice will seem a light price for a division title.

After Watching the Saints Last Night…
It is very clear that there is not a dominant team in the NFC this season.  The Saints and Packers look to be terrific, offensively, but both face litmus test games this week against division rivals.  People like to speak generally about the NFL.  Teams either are or are not contenders.  It’s not how the league works.  Every win will move the Bears closer to the postseason and any postseason team in this conference could find themselves playing for it all in Dallas.