Audibles From the Long Snapper

| October 5th, 2010

Will Jay Cutler Play Sunday?

David Haugh urges the Bears to rest Jay Cutler until he’s fully recovered from a concussion.  This is one of those articles I think sportswriters write to feel good about themselves.  Of course the Bears are not going to put their franchise on the field if he’s not fully recovered from an injury to his brain.  It’s his brain.  (Side note: I still don’t think Cutler suffered a concussion Sunday night.  I think his removal was about saving his life.)  Jay Cutler is going to play Sunday afternoon and play very well.

Lovie Slightly Praises Tommie Harris
I had ridiculously good seats Sunday night.  I could see the players’ faces.  And I spent the second half watching particular players, as I’d come to terms with losing the second Todd Collins entered the game.  I know Lovie Smith says he “did some good things” but he didn’t.  He was getting blown off the ball repeatedly, and often by the Giants backup center.  When Tommie was his best, he would blow through the line of scrimmage.  He was a disruptive force.  Sunday night he got stood up and moved on almost every play.
Miami Fires Special Teams Coordinator
I can’t remember this happening before.  Miami’s special teams were a disaster in their 41-14 loss to the Pats last night and they just went and fired coordinator John Bonamego.   
Bears Favored at Carolina
I was very interested to see how Vegas treated the Bears this week and it looks like they’re opening anywhere between a 1 and 2-point favorite.

Picks Contest Update
Murphreprisal and Albert in Tuscon had the only perfect weeks in Week Four.  The totals update is Viva (2) and Albert in Tuscon (2) and JMCyclone, soupbowlorbust, Crown, FQD1911, NorwegianBear, CanadaBear, Tobijohn, Z, Murph and reprisal (1).  We’re making one rules change.  We originally asked for five perfect weeks to make the postseason.  I’m changing that to four.