Audibles From the Long Snapper

| October 14th, 2010

To read about my predicted 27-16 victory for the Chicago Bears, click here.

Pompei on the Williams Move
Dan Pompei does a nice job in the Trib evaluating the Bears decision to move Chris Williams inside to the guard spot, leaving Frank Omiyale as the starting left tackle (and leaving the young right side alone).

So while we can’t say Williams is a bust at left tackle, we can say he
might be a better guard than tackle. Guards make their money run
blocking. Tackles earn their money pass blocking.

Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice said Wednesday that in his
opinion, Williams is a great knee bender who is a better run blocker
now than a pass protector. And anyone who saw the Raiders’ Kamerion
Wimbley remove Williams’ jersey, shoulder pads and uniform pants in an
exhibition would not argue.

I may be in the minority with this opinion but I don’t really care where Williams plays on the offensive line, as long as he plays well.  The Bears aren’t particularly strong at any of the five positions and if Williams excels at guard, at least that’s one spot down.

Networks Buying into Da Bears
Zach Zaidman is reporting that none of the Bears final three home games will be moved into the Flex Sunday night time slot on NBC.  Mike Florio seemed to miss the point of this story when he first reported it on PFT but that didn’t last

It’s possible that CBS squatted on Pats-Bears and Jets-Bears and FOX
blocked the flexing of Eagles-Bears.  CBS and FOX each may prevent one
game per week, and up to a total of five, from being shipped to Sunday

If the NFL and NBC already know one of their biggest national draws won’t be moving, the reason is exactly that.  CBS and Fox are getting tired of losing their best games down the stretch each season.

Trading Desmond Clark Has to Net Something, Doesn’t It?
I have always been a fan of Desmond Clark, one of the best tight ends the Bears have started in many-a-moon.  But as Neil Hayes documents in the Sun-Times, Clark simply doesn’t have a role in the current system.  Unlike Greg Olsen, whose future in Chicago can far exceed that of the current administration, Clark’s time left in the NFL is between 2-3 years at most.  Jerry Angelo should be on the phone with all thirty NFL teams (if he calls the Packers, I’ll kill him) and see who wants a solid tight end at a draft-pick discount.

Briggs Questionable?
Lovie Smith is a bit worried about Lance Briggs’ ankle.