Audibles From the Long Snapper

| November 30th, 2010

Debating the Trap Game
Matt Bowen – who I like – makes the argument in today’s Trib that the Bears can’t beat the Patriots this week but can lose to the Lions.  What he’s arguing is that the Bears are about to embark on the NFL-specific malady known as ‘the trap game’.  I, for one, am a believer in the trap game but this case simply doesn’t meet the criteria.  The Bears vs. Pats game will be exciting but it actually means less to the Chicago Bears than the upcoming Lions, Vikings and Packers games.  If you knew the Bears were going 3-2 down the stretch, you’d prefer they lose the AFC games which have no impact on the tiebreaker pile-up about to hit the NFC at season’s end.  Having the coffee nerd and the rest of the national media respect you is nice but making the playoffs is much, much nicer.

Soldier Field Re-Sodded
This story actually made me sad, which I know is strange.  But the Soldier Field sod was the unsung hero in the Bears win versus the Eagles and I sensed a little Shula-esque piece of gamesmanship.  When the Bears play teams with speed at Soldier, the field should be a murky mess of chunks and mud.  It should be impossible to break on.  It should be impossible run deep on.  It’s called a home field advantage.  And the Bears have figured out theirs.

Lions May Be Down to Stanton
Shaun Hill has apparently been sporting some tape around the fingers and there’s a strong possibility the Bears will getting Drew Stanton on Sunday in Detroit.  I don’t really fear either player but it’s clear that Calvin Johnson has a much deeper rapport with Hill than Stanton.

Da Picks Contest Standings

Viva and FQD1911 were the only perfects on Thanksgiving, which surprised me quite a bit.  Viva now leads with 6.  JMCyclone and FQD have 4.  Albert in Tuscon, Augie, IrishSweetness and enderwiggin each have 2.  (There is then a host of individuals with 1).  
StubHub Ticket Giveaway, Part Two!
It looks like be raffling off one (1) seat to the Bears vs. Patriots game on December 12th.  The bonus? You’ll be sitting with me and Noah and will only owe us a beer or two for the pleasure (or three…or four…).  I’ll let you know if when/if this becomes official.