Audibles From the Long Snapper

| February 10th, 2010

Will Olsen Fit With Martz?
PFT writes that Mike Martz seems to like “his receivers to catch and his tight ends to block” as they ponder what role Greg Olsen might serve in the new system.  Martz is mad but he recognizes the mismatch Greg Olsen creates on linebackers and safeties.  Expect to see Desmond Clark and Kellen Davis fill the role of tradition tight end while Olsen becomes a versatile toy: H-back, slot guy…etc. 

Tommie Harris: Yeah, Het Gets It   
Here’s Harris’ comments on the hiring of Rod Marinelli as defensive coordinator:

“If anybody would have come from the outside, they would have already
known the history of the defense, so nothing would have changed,”
Harris said. “Nobody was going to come here and change this to a 3-4 or
like that. It just would have been a different name at
defensive coordinator. But we’re fine with coach Marinelli. He’s a

I’d love for someone to play the audio tape of Tommie saying these words for Ted Phillips, the man who promised fans major changes were coming to the organization.  I wish someone would explain to me how the worst single-season defense in franchise history has earned the right to make these decisions.

Boldin Only Costs a Third Rounder?
Make.  The.  Deal.