Audibles From the Long Snapper

| March 10th, 2010

Sharper Has Knee Surgery

The reason Darren Sharper has yet to sign a contract for 2010 is rapidly becoming clear as the New Orleans Times-Picayune is reporting that Sharper was on crutches following knee surgery.  I’ve been an advocate of signing Sharper for over a year but a player at that age with injury concerns scares me.  The Bears need to solidify the safety position, not add more questions marks to their most vulnerable position.  
Making Sense of the Running Back Position
With the Bears releasing Kevin Jones, they now have five viable options at the tailback position heading into the 2010 season.  Matt Forte and Chester Taylor will split a great deal of the carries and become the primary receiving options on third down.  This leaves two roster spots to be fought for by Adrian Peterson, Kahlil Bell and Garrett Wolfe.  Bell showed more than enough in 2009 to earn a spot on the roster, meaning the Bears will be forced to release either AP2 or Hungry Like the Wolfe.  If I’m making the decision, it is coming down to whomever is the better contributor on special teams and that could mean bad news for Wolfe.
Dear Milton Bradley...
I am from New Jersey.  I am not black.  I say these two things so that’s it clear I have no stake in your claims that Chicago is a racist city that somehow kept you prisoner in your home.  Chicago is my adopted city, my adopted home.  In my many trips there, most spent around fans of the respective sports teams, I have never felt hostility towards myself or anyone around me.  I have never seen a racial incident at Wrigley or Soldier Field (I have seen them at Yankee Stadium, Shea, Giants Stadium, the Garden…etc.)  Playing the race card to excuse your underperformance and shit attitude is the lowest thing any minority can do in a country that still struggles with immense racial tension.  What you’ve done is despicable.  It’s pathetic.  In other words, it’s par for the course.