Audibles From the Long Snapper

| April 7th, 2010

Lovie Smith Dines With Nate Allen

Reports are out there that Lovie Smith shared breakfast (orders unknown) with South Florida’s flying-up-the-draft-board safety Nate Allen.  The continued focus of the Bears organization on locating a top quality safety reveals at the very least that they’ve realized the mistake of 2009 and vowed not to line up for sixteen games with non-professional players at the position.  I still wonder if any of the safeties in this draft – outside of Eric Berry – are capable of making a serious impact on the field in 2010.  And for Lovie and Jerry, 2010 is all that matters.
My Reading of the Donovan McNabb Trade
Sam Farmer doesn’t believe the McNabb trade makes any sense and that’s because he is missing the point.  As a matter of fact, the only member of the media who I’ve seen approach the point is ESPN’s Tedy Bruschi.  Andy Reid traded Donny inside the division because he WANTS to face him twice a year.  Why?  Because Donovan McNabb throws at people’s ankles and has allowed pointed comments from Rush Limbaugh to derail his most valued asset: running with the football.  Nobody knows this player’s weaknesses better than his longtime protector.  I’d be shocked if the Eagles didn’t beat the Redskins both times this year.
Maybe I Should Let It Go But…
Here are Lovie’s words to describe letting Alex Brown leave town:

“First off, it was really hard to let a player like Alex Brown go but it’s a new year and we’re going in a different direction,” Smith said. “[It] allows us an opportunity to release a player like Alex because of what we feel about what Izzy can do, and not only Izzy Idonije but Mark Anderson. Mark Anderson did some good things [last season]. We’ve got some other young players, too. Henry Melton is coming back, Jarron Gilbert. So we have some other options but it still won’t be the same without Alex being there.”

Henry Melton?  Jarron Gilbert?  What the hell am I missing, exactly?  Is Lovie Smith really stating aloud that we let go of one of our most consistent defensive performers in decades to see what a guy who couldn’t make the roster as a rookie and another guy whose major achievement is leaping out of a pool can do?  Is that even possible?