Audibles From the Turkey Snapper

| November 24th, 2010

David Haugh Argues With Himself
David Haugh’s column in today’s Trib is titled “Now is no time to extend Smith’s contract”.  Wow, Dave, really?  Now is also not the time to purchase property in the Gaza Strip or have relations with a Palin daughter.  This is one of those ESPNy type articles that I hate, hate, hate so much.  First of all, no one on earth is talking about extending Lovie Smith’s contract.  Haugh basically invents the premise ONLY TO REFUTE IT.  (You know, like when ESPN’s Mark Schlereth will come on the air and say Phil Rivers is overrated after ESPN’s Trent Dilfer just called him the best player in the sport.)  The Bears are 7-3 but about to embark on their most difficult stretch of the season.  The playoffs are by no means a lock and reaching the playoffs does not guarantee Lovie’s job.  Lovie Smith has had a terrific year to this point but nobody – especially in Chicago – is foolish enough to start talking extensions.  Except, of course, for Haugh.

Mike Mulligan Nails It
In his Sun-Times column, Mike Mulligan writes the following:

Now comes the moment of truth, a chance to prove contender status
Sunday against a Philadelphia Eagles team that has emerged as an ”it”
team after successive victories over the Indianapolis Colts, Washington
Redskins and New York Giants.
(Then later)
The national perspective might be that the Bears are closer to
second-rate than superb, but that hasn’t stopped coach Lovie Smith and
his team from acting as if the Eagles game represents the culmination
of some master plan.

The Bears are playing their best football of the season, dominating on defense and protecting the ball better on sustained drives.  (The movement of Hester to kickoffs seems to have ignited the entire franchise.)  To this point the Bears have had to answer for their success.  Sunday, with a victory, the questions fade.  Sunday, with a victory, the Bears become a contender for the Super Bowl in the NFC,

Thanksgiving Picks Contest 
We’ll be doing a special picks contest tomorrow.  If you pick all three games correctly against the spread, it’ll count for two (2) perfect weeks.  That post will be on the site tonight at some point and you need to have your picks in by kickoff of the first game tomorrow.