Bears at Bills (in Toronto) Game Preview

| November 4th, 2010

I can’t remember, in my lifetime, a Bears team that had a winning record this late in the season and elicited so little excitement from fans.  They’ve now had two weeks to ponder their losing streak.  Two weeks to sit in the film room.  Two weeks to read media clippings and doomsday prognostications.

Les Buffalo Billes

Why Do I like the Chicago Bears this week?
  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • Because everybody has quit on them, especially fans.  This is the kind of week where they’ll thrash an opponent and give us all hope that they’ve turned a corner.
  • Because talk of the resurgent Buffalo Bills offense is greatly exaggerated.  They were terrific against the Ravens but Ryan Fitzpatrick was dismal against the Chiefs, throwing about twenty passes in and out of the hands of defensive backs.  
  • Don’t look now but the Bears are a turf team.  They have tremendous speed on both sides of the ball.  I’ll be interested to see if Mike Martz lets ’em fly Sunday.  I hope he doesn’t but I think he will.
  • When a defense is allowing 188.7 yards per game on the ground, you have to be able to run the football, especially coming off your bye week.  If the Bears can’t successfully run it Sunday, they won’t be successfully running it at all this year.
  • I expect a big rebound game from Jay Cutler.  Did I miss something, by the way?  Has Cutler had some awful season?  He was brutal and cost the Bears the Redskins game but I can’t put the offensive woes on him beyond that.  If he really has the thick skin he’s claimed to have, we’ll know in Canada.
  • My favorite punter in the league is Brian Moorman and I expect he’ll keep the ball far away from Devin Hester until the Bears can sustain some drives down the field.  I’m making a prediction.  Bears score on special teams this week.
  • The Bills have only 11 sacks on the season (as do the Bears).  This might be the week J’Marcus Webb and Freaky Frank keep a clean sheet protecting Cutler.
  • Because damn it, you’re better than the Buffalo Bills.  And if you lose Sunday, careers are over.  And you have too much damn pride for that, right?
Chicago Bears 27, Buffalo Bills 10