Breaking Down the Packers, Volume I

| September 21st, 2010

Took a look at the Packers vs. Bills game today and there’s very little to learn from it.  The Buffalo Bills are, without question, the worst team in the league.  There are levels of ineptitude in that organization that we rarely see in the NFL.  Looking at their schedule, I think Detroit beats them by a dozen.  And that might be their best remaining effort.

I do think the Packers are good, though.  Here’s what else I think.

  • The Packers offensive line is still not great and there’s currently a bit of turmoil over Chad Clifton’s health issues at the left tackle spot.  (Bryan Bulaga is slated to start Monday night.)  The Bears can’t afford to go sack-less (yes I know that’s funny) against Aaron Rodgers and they shouldn’t. 
  • Jermichael Finley is a tactical nightmare for the Bears.  He’s big and fast and he’ll own the deep middle of the field Monday night if the Bears, and their scheme, allow him.  The Bears have to hit him with a linebacker and possibly use D.J. Moore to cover him from the nickel corner slot.  This means they’ll have to stop the run with the front seven.
  • With these two running games, I think we’re going to see the most passes in the history of this rivalry.
  • Clay Matthews is a pretty spectacular athlete and the Bears will have to account for his whereabouts at all times.  Six sacks in two weeks is simply insane, albeit against two bad offensive lines.  Sad part is we might have the weakest offensive line he’ll have faced thus far. 
  • While looking better in the second half against the Bills, Rodgers and his receivers are not entirely in rhythm.  When Rodgers gets off to slow starts, those slow starts tend to linger a bit.  If the Bears let him complete a ton of 8-to-10 yard slants early, as they are prone to do, he could end up with his first complete game of the season.
  • Tramon Williams, Morgan Burnett and Nick Collins are currently out there in the secondary with Charles Woodson.  The Eagles had success against them and the Bills never tried.  If the Bears offensive line gives Jay a few seconds, he’ll be able to make serious plays down the field.  One thing’s certain: no Bears team in recent memory has been more equipped for a shootout.

That should give the Bears enough to do this week.