Camp Audibles From the Long Snapper

| August 11th, 2010

Three days till the unofficial start of the 2010 Chicago Bears season and I can’t lie: I’m starting to buy the hype coming out of Bourbonnais.  A year ago I spent the summer trying to curb the enthusiasm of the fans, repeating my belief that the Bears would take until mid-season to find an offensive rhythm.  (They took until December instead).  I think the Bears are going to excite us against Detroit on the first week of the season.

Trading a Tight End?
Sean Jensen wonders if the Bears can afford to trade a tight end before the season starts and it is something worth wondering.  Is it even possible these days to keep four tight ends on an NFL roster?  Does the absence of a fullback on the roster free up the space to suit up Greg Olsen in a back/end/receiver hybrid position?  I’m a believer in never trading away players that can result in points.  I like the combination of Olsen, Desmond Clark, Kellen Davis and Brandon Manumaleuna a lot.

Major Wright a Starter?
If the reports are accurate and Major Wright has performed well in training camp, I have to imagine Lovie Smith will give him every opportunity in the preseason to earn a starting job opposite Chris Harris.  Wouldn’t you rather watch a rookie struggle to gain his footing in the league as opposed to seeing Danieal Manning throw away another shot at being a starting safety?  I would.  Danieal Manning’s season should consist of his brilliant kick returns and his every so often corner blitz on third and long.

Darrelle Revis
I think the Darrelle Revis holdout is a plot perpetrated by the New York Jets to make their appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks more interesting.  I think Revis will be in green and white before the start of the third preseason game.  But if I’m wrong – and this Revis thing is serious – every GM in the league will be calling Mike Tannenbaum over the next few weeks.  Jerry Angelo better be one of them.