Camp Audibles From the Long Snapper

| August 17th, 2010

No Backup on the Horizon

The Bears have been approaching every backup quarterback within a hundred miles of the United States to join the roster and all have declined.  Why?  Because apparently Jerry and Lovie are refusing to commit a roster spot to Todd Collins or Kerry Collins or Josh McCown, players unwilling to battle Mike Teel for the right to run the mid-week scout team.  If the Bears are serious about bringing in players of a professional caliber, they have to pay them what a professional makes and move Caleb Hanie down on the depth chart to start the 2010 season.  Otherwise, they’ll risk entering the campaign with a health and experience concern being one missed blocking assignment away from deciding their occupational fates.

Seriously Minnesota?
Sometimes it seems teams go out of their way to act more like assholes, doesn’t it?  The Jets clearly have but at least the Jets are being silly about the whole thing.  News is out that the Vikings have sent Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell and Steve Hutchinson to Mississippi to lure Brett Favre back to the team.  Two things: (1) What does this say to the quarterbacks currently on the roster?  I’ll answer: “you stink”.  It says that three of your team captains have so little faith in your ability that they’d give up practice time with you to convince the 40 year-old man with a bum ankle (who threw your 2009 season away) to return to the NFL.  (2) Do the Vikings not realize how pathetic this makes them look?  
Wright the Early-Season Focus
Call me crazy but any deep pass plays connected on the Bears makes me worry and injuries at the safety position are the last thing this team can afford to sustain.  That is why it’s imperative Major Wright grow a pair, wrap the finger and get on the damn field in the next couple weeks.  I know, I know.  It isn’t fair to ask players to act like Lawrence Taylor and play with a broken arm but I’m doing it anyway.  If this kid has the ability the team says he has, it’s time put a band-aid on and suit up.  This is football.  Sometimes football players need to be reminded to act like it.