Cause for Concern?

| February 2nd, 2010

I’ve come to terms with the hiring of Mike Martz as the Bears offensive coordinator.  As days have gone by, I’ve actually started liking the move.  But reading Jerry Angelo’s comments on the hiring set me back a bit.

Will you have to change the roster to accommodate the type of players who excel in Martz’s offense?

“No. We talked about that. Our roster is pretty well set. We don’t
have the first two picks in the draft. Free agency, potentially will be
very limited. It’s not like we won’t look for players like we do every
year but we’re not going into this thinking we have to have an overhaul
with our offense.”

There are eleven positions on the offensive side of the ball.  The Bears are “set” at quarterback, running back, left tackle and one of the wide receiver spots.  They have a below-average fullback (especially for a running team).  They may lack a number on receiver, though DA certainly showed glimmers of greatness down the stretch.  But most importantly no one can make a convincing argument that the Bears have top tier players at either guard, right tackle or center. 

So if “our roster is pretty well set” then we should all be pretty well resigned to miss the postseason in 2010.

ADDENDUM: Sometimes comments earn their way up here.  Albert in Tuscon:

Did he say “pretty well set”?

June 25th, 1876 –
Captain: “Shouldn’t we bring a few more men, sir?”.
Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer: “Nah. We’re pretty well set.”

He REALLY said “pretty well set.”?

April 14, 1912:
1st Officer: “Maybe we should reduce our speed, Captain.”
Edward J. Smith,Captain, RMS Titanic: “Nah. We’re pretty well set.”

Did I hear that right? “Pretty well set.”?

December 6th, 1941 –
Port Commander: “Should be have the battleship squadron put to sea, sir?
Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, Commander US Pacific Fleet,
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: “Nah. We’re pretty well set.”

PLEASE tell me he didn’t say “Pretty well set.” !

January 18, 2010-
Political Aide: “Shouldn’t we be campaigning harder against this Scott Brown fellow, ma’am?”
Marth Coakley, Democrat candidate for
US Senate from Massachussetts: “Nah. We’re pretty well set.”