Chicago Bears Put 2010 On Notice

| March 5th, 2010

julius-peppers.jpgJulius Peppers will sign a six-year deal worth more money that any of us can ever dream of making.  He immediately makes both the defensive line and secondary better.  He’s an elite player.  And he’s on the Bears.

taylor.jpgChester Taylor will provide the Bears with the best combination of running backs in the division and a brilliant pass-catching threat for Mike Martz’ system.  More than that, his absence in Minnesota will be noticed dramatically.  AP has notorious issues in the blocking department and will now be forced to stay on the field in third-down situations should the Vikes not sign another back.
511967.jpgBrandon Manumaleuna’s signing should be treated like an upgrade to the offensive line because that’s what it is. In an offense that requires deeper drops, Manu will keep the better defensive ends off the back of #6.