Cutler Chasing Kramer’s All-Time Bears Season

| December 1st, 2010

Jim McMahon won a Super Bowl and Sid Luckman captivated the city of Chicago and has lingered over the quarterback position for sixty years.  But as we often discuss, Erik Kramer’s 1995 season is the finest ever played by a Bears quarterback.  

His stats that year:
315-522, 60.3%, 29 TD – 10 INT, 3838 yards, 93.5 QB rating (9-7 record)
Cutler’s current stats:
180-292, 61.6%, 16 TD – 10 INT, 2311 yards, 90.4 QB rating (8-3 record)
I don’t believe in projections but here’s how they project:
262-425, 61.6%, 23 TD – 15 INT, 3361 yards, 90.4 QB rating (11-5)

Yet over Cutler’s last four games, his passer rating has risen to 99.  He has thrown 9 TD to 3 INT.  But at the same time, he’s actually had four of his five lightest games this season in terms of yardage – attributable to the field position dominance and found run game.
Kramer’s Bears finished in third place in the NFC North.  Cutler’s Bears are on pace to win the division.  If the season ends as projected, who gets the nod?  
Editor’s Note: The JMCyclone has 5 wins on the season, leaving him firmly in second position.