Da Saturday Show (sans show)

| September 10th, 2010

So Saturdays have traditionally been the down day of the week on our little website but I’m trying to change that.  Da Saturday Show (soon to be sponsored) will be a half hour, weekly show featuring a short commentary segment, my two brothers and I making weekly NFL picks against the spread, guests on occasion and a one-minute rant from the Reverend.  I’m still working through the kinks but the show will make its debut – in some form – next Saturday.

Here’s the fan component:

  • Each week my brothers and I will pick three games each.  At the end of the season, the winner will be given a flight – anywhere in the country – paid for by the other two. (We’ll be using Sheridan’s Odds in the Friday USA Today.)
  • In the comments for Da Saturday Show, each of you will be able to pick three games yourselves.  You can not duplicate the picks of any of the three of us.  You can use games we’ve used but not our combination.  You guys are free to use the comments to discuss whatever you like but I’m asking that your selections be in their own post.
  • We’ll do this for all seventeen weeks (starting today!).  To make the postseason, you only need to have five perfect weeks.  That means you’ll have seventeen opportunities to go 3-0.  You go 3-0 five times and you qualify for the postseason.
  • The postseason will be a Fantasy Postseason set-up that I’m quite fond of and will make every postseason game fun to watch.  (Not that the Bears Super Bowl run won’t take care of that on its own.)  The details of the set-up we’ll go over in December.
  • “What do we win, Jeff?”  I’ll tell you.  There will be varying gift certificates, in varying amounts, to all those who make the postseason.  And if you beat my brothers and I in the fantasy postseason, you’ll win a monthly column on da site from March through August.  That’s six full columns where you’ll be able to voice your opinions on the main page to the readers on free agency, the draft, OTAs and throughout training camp.

The picks this week:
(Remember you can’t use the combination chosen by myself or either of my brothers.)
Carolina +6.5 over the Giants
Cleveland +3 over Tampa Bay
Baltimore +2.5 over the Jets

My brother Chris
San Francisco -3 over Seattle
San Diego -4.5 over Kansas City
Cincinnati +4.5 over New England

My brother Jon
San Diego -4.5 over Kansas City
Cleveland +3 over Tampa Bay
Denver +2.5 over Jacksonville