DaBearsBlog Ticket Giveaway!

| November 17th, 2010

DaBearsBlog, courtesy of StubHub!, is pleased to announce that we have two (2) pairs of tickets for Sunday’s Bears v. Eagles game at Soldier Field – kicking off at 3:15 pm CST.  
We’re going to award the tickets to our loyal readers through a very simple contest.  

Write me (jeff@dabearsblog.com) explaining why you want these tickets.  Have you not been to a game in years?  Is there somebody special you want to take?  Do you love dogs and want to shout things at Michael Vick?  No reason is too absurd.  No reason is too sappy.  ALSO POST YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU CHOOSE TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE.

Make sure you include your name and your site handle (Crown, GPLDAN…etc) in the email.

The cutoff for submissions is the end of the Giants/Eagles Sunday night game.  I’ll announce the winners of the tickets by Tuesday at 1:00 PM CST – giving you enough time to make appropriate plans.
I am also going to publish the winning and some non-winning responses.
These tickets were courtesy of StubHub! 
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