DaBlog and Training Camp

| July 29th, 2010

Since I won’t be in Bourbonnais this summer due to prior theatrical commitments, I’m going to let the site become a hub for the Twitter feeds of those who are actually there.  The guys we’ll be tracking are:

Brad Biggs, Vaughn McClure and David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune.
Sean Jensen and Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Jeff Dickerson and Michael Wright of ESPN Chicago.
Zach Zaidman of The Score.
Last summer these guys gave almost play-by-play updates and we’ll have them constantly updating on the home page.  That’s right, kids.  DaBearsBlog will be one-stop shopping for all your training camp information.  When something of note takes place, I’ll pop onto the front page and talk about it.  Until then, enjoy.