Everyone Surprised (but me), Bears Beat Boys

| September 20th, 2010

Just a flat-out terrific victory for this team.  Here are some thoughts.

  • I have never seen a Bears team make the kind of adjustments the Bears made in-game yesterday.  The offensive line was so overmatched early that I thought we were looking at a thirty or forty point defeat.  Instead Lovie, Martz, Tice or whomever flipped the entire game around and dominated the Cowboys.
  • I have been defending Jay Cutler for well over a year.  He’s making me look pretty good.  If he keeps playing like this, MVP talk will start.
  • As maligned as our safeties have been, I thought they played pretty well yesterday.  Danieal Manning made some terrific tackles (I was shocked) and Chris Harris should never leave the field if he’s going to land hits like this.  This defense needs some anger.  Even DJ Moore said, “After that, they were looking up.”
  • I don’t know what Devin Hester is anymore.  I’m lost.  He made a brilliant catch on the touchdown but just looked sloppy the rest of the game.  He’s still exciting with the ball in his hands though.
  • Whatever the Bears are paying Lance Briggs, it’s cheap.
  • Someone has to step up opposite Julius Peppers.  Tony Romo had far too much time in the pocket and two consecutive opponents have operated under a “just block Peppers” scheme.  If Tommie Harris is going to have this so-called resurgence, it would be nice to see it Monday night.
  • Did somebody write that this game was going to come down to the Cowboys’ awful kicker?  Who was that?  Oh yeah…
  • Brad Maynard gets a pass but he was awful yesterday.  A couple punts from midfield ended as touchdowns and one didn’t even reach the twenty.  The Dez Bryant punt return is all on him, in my opinion.
  • When is the last time a Bears offense had that many first and second-down snaps with an empty backfield?  God I love Mike Martz. (More on this tomorrow)
  • Thanks, NJ Greg.  You’ll work your way back into my good graces with more performances like this one.
  • Matt Toeiana is a player I liked very much last year and didn’t understand why he wasn’t on the game day rosters.  He’s going to be on the game day roster the rest of the season.
  • Cutler to Knox down the field brought a tear to my eye.
More later.  Rumor is…it’s Packer Week.
As for Da Picks Contest.  Crown, FQD1911, Viva and NorwegianBear pulled down a perfect 3-0.  augie and Z need the Saints to cover tonight.