Five Quick Thoughts

| March 24th, 2010

(1) Lovie Smith has announced that Devin Hester will not be on kickoff returns.  And so we have the first awful coaching decision of the 2010 season.  Why any coach would self-neuter arguably the most exciting talent and explosive game-changer in the history of the organization is beyond me.  But it’s par for the course.

(2) Adewale Oguleye is officially no longer a Chicago Bear.  His career is Chicago was solid if unspectacular.  He feasted on weaker opponents and disappeared on pivotal third-and-longs.  He was a good guy,though, and did the uniform proud.

(3) The Star-Telegram is reporting that most believe the Bears will be the Cowboy opponent on Thanksgiving afternoon.  This guarantees that my family will be irate as I choose not to listen to their tiring anecdotes and instead travel down the road to the always-open Silver Bell Tavern.

(4) From Brad Biggs:

There also is a possibility the Bears could play their road
game vs. Buffalo in Toronto this year. At worst, the Bears have a
1-in-6 chance of being selected for the date because the Bills have
already played AFC East rivals Miami and the New York Jets in Canada.
Of course, the league might say it’s time for the Patriots to take
their turn.

The Bears, especially with a Mike Martz offense, would be thrilled to end up in Toronto and in a dome.  The Buffalo Bills are going to be pretty terrible this year and avoiding their homefield advantage should make this the Bears most winnable road game.

(5) If the Bears get very lucky this year, safety Morgan Burnett of Georgia Tech will fall into the third round.  The Bears need interior of the offensive line and safety still.