Fourth Meaningless Game Notes

| September 2nd, 2010

We’re not going to be waiting till the second half happens.  Not a single player on the field will mean anything to the 2010 Chicago Bears.  Here are my first-half notes:


The Bears have finally brought in a backup quarterback that is capable of winning football games.  Todd Collins looked poised and polished at times, finding receivers across the field and checking down when appropriate. 


Can someone please explain the appeal of DJ Moore to me?  Everything I think he’s a complete waste on the defensive side of the ball he does something eveb more wasteful on special teams?  What purpose does his making the roster serve?  (Joshua Moore, on the other hand, might be able to play some kind of role.)


I don’t quite understand the Desmond Clark-to-fullback transition.  Clark may not be the fastest man on the roster but he is still our most reliable pass-catching tight end.  I can’t imagine he’ll be able to last an entire season withstanding the physical duress of a lead blocker.


I don’t know how the Bears are allocating roster slots but Garrett Wolfe can not make this team over Kahlil Bell.  Bell is a professional-caliber tailback and shows a genuine reluctance to being tackled.


If you’re struggling kicking field goals during the preseason, kick more field goals.  Don’t go for a fourth-and-one in the first quarter and certainly don’t throw an out route to Richard Angulo.  You’ve got a shot to work on something that will actually take place in the regular season.  Why not work on it?  (Nice to see the snap and kick executed at the end of the half.)


Brian Iwuh is pretty impressive at the linebacker.  He hits like a freight train and charges the hole like a running back.  I’d imagine he’s the sixth man right now at the position.


Of all the third-tier players that seem longshots to make the roster, Henry Melton seemed to have the most promise.