Holt Coming To Town?

| February 14th, 2010

Neil Hayes’ blog on Sun-Times quotes Torry Holt at length, as the wide receiver says he would be thrilled to come to Chicago and play for Mike Martz again.  I don’t know how much Holt has in the tank but he believes – and I agree with him – that his knowledge of the system can only be an attribute to the franchise.  And in an uncapped year, why not spend the extra bucks?

Holt explains:

“In his system you got to be able to run,” Holt said.  “[Y]ou better
be able to run, you better be cerebral, you better be able to learn,
and you better have thick skin because he’s so demanding, you’re
working with a guy who’s a perfectionist. If you can’t do those three
things, and you’re not tough and you’re not willing to go and block and
run routes and be efficient and be quick, you will not play in his
system, I don’t care if you’re a first-round, second-round draft pick
it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about your speed, if you can’t do those
things you cannot help this guy out and his offense.   I think it’s a
match made in heaven if they were to bring someone like me in to
actually show these guys how to run this system, efficiently,
effectively and consistently.”

Is signing Torry Holt going to catapult the Bears to the top of the NFC North?  No.  Will it make them better in 2010?  Yes.  I repeat again…expect a lot of decisions to be made to that end.