Many Thoughts on the Canadian Escape

| November 8th, 2010

  • This was exactly the game Cutler/Martz needed to have and they were aided by an improving offensive line (although we’ll learn how improved next Sunday).  Cutler was efficient and smart with the football, making a couple spectacular throw when he had a chance to set his feet and hurl it.  Those few extra seconds the offensive line give him allow him to make the choice to run and his legs were the reason the Bears won yesterday.
  • When Earl Bennett is running routes and Devin Hester isn’t, the Bears are a better team.
  • I have to admit I was dead wrong about one thing this preseason: the safeties. Danieal Manning has had an excellent year and I never would have believed this group would be a strength of the team while getting nothing from Major Wright.
  • Chan Gailey’s late fourth-quarter challenge was Lovie-esque.  Man that was stupid.  How is it that so many of these coaches don’t understand clock management?  There should be a budget line to hire a guy to stand next to the coach and say, “Don’t do that.  It’s stupid.”
  • If Robbie Gould kicks the first-half field goal, it’s a different game.
  • I know it was a game the Bears could have easily lost but they played tougher yesterday than they have in a while.  They played with real guts.  And it was good to see.
  • Israel Idonije is quickly developing into a solid defensive end and I don’t think I’m overstating the point by saying that if he continues to develop at this rate the Bears may end up in the playoffs.
  • I wouldn’t trade our linebackers for any group of linebackers in the league.
  • I wouldn’t trade J’Marcus Webb either.  I think that kid may end up being something special.
  • Somebody tell Roberto Garza the snap count.
  • Somebody step up in practice and beat out Frank Omiyale already.
  • You know what the Bears need to establish a solid, tough running game?  A fullback.  Remember those.  They work.  Every great running team in the league currently has a solid fullback.
  • I have nightmares now about bending but not breaking.  The broadcast booth was dumbfounded by the Bears corners playing off the marker on every third-down situation but I wasn’t.  How could I be?  I just accept opponent third-down conversions now because my head coach certainly does.
  • The Bears are an unsatisfying 5-3 but satisfaction may be just around the corner.  While Green Bay is soaking in national praise, the Bears can move back into first place with a home win over the Vikings next week.  And they are underdogs to boot.