Martz on Fire

| January 29th, 2010

With news everywhere that Mike Martz has finally made his way into the hallowed halls of Halas, it got me thinking a lot about the Chicago Bears’ offense.  (Note: Do not continue reading if you’re expecting to be interested or enlightened.)

Maybe I’d like Mike Martz. 

Yes he was an awful head coach in St. Louis, losing a seemingly unlosable Super Bowl to a third-rate New England Patriots team.  Yes he didn’t work out in either Detroit or San Francisco as an offensive coordinator.  Yes he is a notorious ego, attempting to use every job (including as a broadcaster) as a stepping stool back into the head coaching ranks.

But there’s a few things to like about Martz, too.  He won’t buy into Lovie’s “off the bus running” philosophy, especially when the run game struggles early.  He has a terrific track records with quarterbacks ranging from the Hall of Famer (Warner) to the third tier guys (Alex Smith and Kitna).  He’s capable of overseeing the entirety of the offensive operation and tough enough to challenge Lovie’s archaic ideology.

But more than that.  He’ll be entertaining as hell.  And right now, the way things are going, I’d sign up for 2010 being nothing more than entertaining.