(More) Audibles From the Long Snapper

| February 12th, 2010

Panthers Won’t Franchise Peppers
Florio is reporting at PFT that due to the exorbitant cost to the organization ($21.8 million in 2010) the Panthers will choose to let Julius Peppers wade in free agent waters.  While the move would improve this organization in 2010, I’m not quite sure the Bears are an elite defensive end from being in the Super Bowl and that’s the kind of place I imagine Peppers will end up.  If he were to come to Chicago, I’d get very excited at the prospect of Peppers starting opposite Alex Brown.  So would Rod Marinelli.

Omiyale to Right Tackle?  
We’ve all learned that Frank Omiyale is not a starting guard in this league.  Is he a starting tackle?  Possibly.  Omiyale’s background is at tackle and Mike Martz will most likely not institute a system that requires a power-blocking guy on the edge, especially with his proclivity to use tight ends primarily as blockers.  If Jerry Angelo’s assessment of the roster as “set” is honest, this might be how the Bears open the season.

Jaws on Bears
Overall I don’t disagree with much of anything Ron Jaworski has to say about the state of the current Bears (and I recommend you read the entire piece).  Sean Jensen’s article ends with the most pressing need facing the Bears currently:

Meanwhile, Jaworski said the Bears need to improve at safety,
finding someone who strikes fear into the heart of opposing receivers
and tight ends.

”I think safety is becoming such a prevalent position now,”
Jaworski said. ”You have to have someone who is a thumper back there,
and they don’t have that right now.”