More Audibles From the Long Snapper

| March 13th, 2010

StarCaps Trail Over: Suspensions Unlikely
The entire StarCaps situation, from start to finish, has been an utter disaster for the NFL.  They have all-but begged the legal world to punish the Williams sisters while the Vikings and Minnesota court system has laughed and gone about their business.  Now the jury-less trial is over and Florio at PFT has a nice synopsis of the expected verdict (click here for the full column):

But the biggest question in the case apparently will be resolved by the
middle of May:  whether Vikings defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams
will be suspended four games for testing positive for the banned
diuretic that had been secretly placed into StarCaps.  In our view, two
key facts could drive this decision in favor of the players.  First,
others who tested positive for Bumetanide after taking StarCaps were
not suspended.  Second, the league learned that StarCaps contained
Bumetanide — a potent drug with potentially serious side effects —
but did nothing to warn the players, the FDA, or anyone else of this

Here’s hoping this won’t drag on through another season.

All on Cutler?
Matt Williamson over at ESPN writes a nice breakdown of the pressure on Jay Cutler to perform in 2010.  It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway): if Jay turns the ball over at the rate he did in 2009, the Bears and their coaching staff will suffer the same fate.   

Chester Taylor Inherits #29
What a strange way for Adrian Peterson to realize he’s not going to be on the roster any longer.  (Side note: Funny how Taylor exits the shadow of Adrian Peterson only to enter the jersey of Adrian Peterson.)