New Nickname: Orange Julius

| July 27th, 2010

CALLING ALL CAMPERS.  DaBearsBlog is calling for all those who are heading to Bourbonnais to send us your photographs and videos in the coming weeks.  Send them directly to jeff@dabearsblog.com and we’ll get them on the site by the end of that day.
ORANGE JULIUS.  (By the way, I’m officially coining that nickname for Peppers).  Orange Julius’ impact on the pass rush and pass defense has been written into boredom but Sean Jensen analyzes his possible impact on the special teams units.  The Bears are already pretty darn good at blocking field goals and Peppers is second to only Shaun Rogers in recent memory.

GRADING THE BEARS.  Neil Hayes summarizes the most glaring flaw on this roster with a simply paragraph:

This is the unit that could determine the team’s fate. If Chris Harris and, say, rookie Major Wright proved to a capable safety duo and the corners stay healthy, this may still only be a slightly above average secondary. But what happens if one of the safety spots remains unsettled and a cornerback or two goes down to injury? The bottom falls out, that’s what happens. I just don’t see the top-end talent or the depth here.

Hayes is right.  The best-case scenario for the Bears is adequacy.  

ENTERTAINING (if nothing else).  Brad Biggs does a nice job analyzing what will be needed for the club to adopt Mike Martz’ “high-flying act”.  The closer we get to camp, I gotta be honest, the more excited I’m getting.  I can’t remember the last time the Bears’ offense had this much potential.  If Mike Tice can get the guys up front blocking and Jay Cutler throws the ball to the right jersey, this could be the most explosive Bears offense in many-a-moon.  They should be entertaining, if nothing else.